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Need someone who is extremely tech savy, smart and has a great attitude!  This person will need to have the ability to not only process complex mathematics and statistics but will provide assistance in case development and discovery.  Someone who has worked for a bank or insurance company would be a great fit.

• Provides assistance in case development and discovery.
• Defines the financial framework of cases.
• Collects and assesses various documents to determine which documents will be relevant to the case.
• Interviews potential witnesses to gather information and insight.
• Performs background checks on interviewees in order to determine their credibility.
• Analyzes all accumulated

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Possesses a strong work ethic and the ability to remain objective at all times; the individual must be able to utilize only the facts and never personal opinion.
• Demonstrates above-average analytical skills that will help to determine the scope of a claim that is being made and whether or not the accused party may be guilty.
• Shows the ability to collect and properly interpret various forms of financial information.
• Possesses the ability to remain organized when dealing with large amounts of documentation and files.
• Demonstrates the ability to pay close attention to even the most minor details.

Looking for 4 years or less experience.  Business degree would be fine not necessary an accounting degree.  Will train this candidate as long as they are intelligent.